Little Helen Rose

“Let me tell you a little bit about Helen Rose. Little Helen Rose stands 6′ 1″ and that’s without high heels! You do the math. In the meantime, she’ll sing the songs dipped in the muddy waters of blues, country and soul. I guess that’s what happens when you got a dad who is an actor, and a singer songwriter in his own Wright (pun intended). She grew up on this stuff when she was a tall as her papa’s boots. I met her through 21 year old guitar singer songwriter Jonah Tolchin. Jonah’s got his record coming out called “Clover Lane” and he plays electric on Helen’s record like nobody’s business. They went to school together. Chemistry is there. Me, I produced the album, and I’m damn proud to be a part of her world. She’s 25, and well, the future ain’t what it used to be. Stand back, lean in, she’ll tear your heart out with her voice and horn playing. She is a wonder to behold. After all SHE IS…LITTLE HELEN ROSE”

-Marvin Etzioni (Producer, Lone Justice)


I began to sing and play traditional blues in High School with my dear friends Danny Roaman and Jonah Tolchin- both talented guitar players who at an early age had the love and desire to play and found a similar solace in the blues and old time country music. We played at coffee houses and school gatherings, I was on vocals and tenor sax and Danny and Jonah would play guitar and harmonica, there was a chemistry that still strongly resonates with us  today.

I love what I do, I love the blues,  Country, Soul. I love sharing my experience and love of music with people. It was at college that I really realized that music is one of the most healing gifts that we have as human beings on this beautiful earth.

I feel a strong purpose to keep this experience alive for people in my generation and the generations to come- to remember music before there were auto-tuned and synthesized vocals, beats, before you could make music with a machine– and to celebrate music and musicians that sing and play their own instruments free from modification, with poems and words that resonate from deeply within.

I hope that you enjoy Little Helen Rose: Live at the Monkey Room. We recorded live at my parent’s house; one take, one experience, no overdubs, no fixes, no extra nothin’. My intent was to really dig deep and play the music how it was meant to be played—without any alterations—just raw and real.

Thank you for listening.


                                 Little Helen Rose